The 5 best roads for a drive while in the UK

There is no greater feeling like that of getting on the road for a drive to clear your mind. We call that drive therapy. If you have taken time to appreciate the roads in the UK, you will realize that some stand out more than others in terms of their offer of drive therapy. It’s just an amazing experience.

Below is our top 5 list of the best roads for a drive while in the UK.

The drive from Skipton to Leyburn on the B6265 to B6160

Road users who have tried this stretch of road will appreciate its amazing condition. It’s not a heavily trafficked route therefore you can afford some time to appreciate the awesome scenery, as well as listen to the sound of your revving engine if you appreciate such sounds. There is just something about the dry stone walls along this stretch that beautifully amplifies your engine sounds. Totally awesome!

The drive from Blairgowrie to Braemar on the A93

If you enjoy twists and elevations on during your drive, this is the road for you. While driving your car on this stretch of road, you will get to experience the amazing Scottish countryside through a road with amazing twists and several changes to the elevation. However, you must be cautious not to get too distracted because the tight corners and dips may catch you off guard. The road is generally good though with a few bumps here and there but this is nothing to worry about.

The drive from Llangadog to Brynamman on the A4069

This particular stretch of road can be considered if you consider yourself an expert driver. The visibility is amazing but you will still require maximum attention to go through some very tight twists and changes in elevation. It’s definitely going to put your brakes and suspension to the test.Therefore, ensure your car is in tip top form before you try out this drive.

The drive from Honiton to Bothernhampton on the A35

This is one of those drives that surprises you with an unexpected awesome experience. It’s not a perfect road in any way with scenery that stands out but there’s just something about it that makes the drive enjoyable. It tends to get a little bit quiet which is awesome but even when busy it’s still ok, a 20 mile stretch with a pleasant surprise.

The drive from Welshpool to Barmouth on the A470 and A458

This is one of the roads recommended by Top Gear magazine as one you should drive on before you die. With this, we concur. The road offers an awesome drive as you head east through Wales. It is a very smooth road with minimal traffic (most of the time). It has really beautiful scenery that works wonders in relaxing your mind.

Anytime you feel like your head is about to explode and you really need a rest, get on your car and pick any of these destinations. By the time you are through with the ride, your mind will be as clear as crystal. That’s we call it drive therapy.

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