Here’s how to choose the right family car

Many people desire to have a car. For some, it may be a status symbol whereas for others it’s a utility, an investment to make life much easier. This piece of advice is meant for the latter category and to be more specific, those looking to buy or rent a car for the benefit of their family. Whether you are looking for a car to carry out your day to day family errands or for holiday travel, the requirements remain the same.

Here’s how to choose the right family car.

Put special focus on its safety record

Before you rent out or buy a car, be sure to check out the reviews from other users. Has the car received maximum safety ratings? How did the car test out during the crash tests? Does the car offer extra protection for child occupants? Most of this information will be available online, at the dealership or the rental car agency and you can also get it directly from users who have been driving the car for an extended period. As a caution, avoid going for brand new cars that are yet to be fully tested by consumers.

Go for a tall or boxy shape

When choosing a car for your family whether for daily usage for a long holiday trip, space is key. Many inexperienced drivers will often get distracted by sporty shaped SUVs however, when looking for a car to serve the needs of your family, the taller and boxier it is, the better. Whereas this may not aesthetically appeal to many drivers, the experienced user will attest that with family in your car, you need space and lots of it. Cars that are tall and boxy will allow you lots of space to maximize on. They also allow you to enjoy your drive experience as they are comfortable and ensure an imposing driving position when on the road.

Ensure the car has flexible seats and storage

Depending on the size of your family as well as luggage you will be carrying, flexibility of the seats is key as this will also influence storage space. You need to ensure that the seats are first and foremost comfortable to limit the number of times you will have to stop for your family to have the much needed stretch. In addition to this, the rear seats need to be foldable so that they can be folded to create more storage room if you have plenty of luggage. In as much as most family cars will have roomie storage, when travelling with family, it’s definitely never enough.

The car’s additional features

As the person on the driver’s seat, you want as little distraction as possible from your family so that your eyes can be firmly peeled on the road. You therefore need to ensure that the car has extra features to ensure a comfortable ride. These may include a panoramic sun roof and a state of art entertainment system among others. This is down to your preference as an individual.

Do all these and we guarantee you an enjoyable family time while in the family car.