These are the 4 top scenic drives in the UK

If you are within the United Kingdom looking for an exciting travel experience for the weekend or for a vacation, we suggest exploring this beautiful land while taking a cross-country drive. UK offers some of the best sceneries that will guarantee you a good drive therapy. All you require is your driver’s license and a good car suitable for winding roads and the outback.

Let’s take a look at our pickfor the 4 top scenic drives in the UK.

#1 The stretch between Bamburgh and Alnwick castles

If you have always desired to view castles from a vantage point then this is the drive for you. The ancient castle of Bamburgh can be seen looming above villages along this stretch of road. The scene is almost replicated as you continue driving along the road towards the castle at Alnwick. Here, the scene of beautiful birds at the famous bird-lovers paradise is a sight to behold.

#2The drive around the New Forest

The drive to and around the New Forest located in southern England is a favourite for many Brits and is one that many will recommend. Designated as a national park, this forest will offer you an opportunity to appreciate wild life which include a shrub land, scenic pastures as well as a forest. If you are one of those people who enjoy taking photos, you will definitely enjoy the opportunities that will present themselves along this trip.

#3 The drive from Cheltemham to Stratford-upon-Avon

For your information, Stratford-upon-Avon is actually the place of birth of William Shakespeare. Just like the Shakespearean poetry the drive from Cheltenham all the way to Stratford-upon-Avon, is a marvel to your eyes. It’s actually a winding road which happens not to be a major roadway and this is awesome because you get to enjoy an extremely peaceful drive as you enjoy the serene green hills, meadows with wildflowers, and English villages that are picture-perfect complete with sheep and pasture. This is a sightseer’s paradise. To crown it all up, you can check out the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for a wonderful performance.

#4 The drive from Somerset to Cheddar Gorge

This stretch of road is home to one of the greatest natural wonders in the United Kingdom and offers a great opportunity for a leisure drive. While driving from Somerset and approaching Cheddar Gorge, you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you take the drive through the gorge. Right beside the road, there are 27 magnificent cliffs that are simply pleasant to look at as you drive through. If you consider yourself a fun of adventure, there are a couple of places along the road where you can stop and explore the caves or do some rock climbing.

There you go!

There are of course plenty more scenic views in the UK which didn’t make it to our list that we are sure you will soon discover on your own.

We probably should have started with this statement, but it’s never too late to add a word of caution. Before you take a drive in the UK, make it a point to understand all the relevant driving laws and be sure to get yourself insurance.

Here’s how to choose the right family car

Many people desire to have a car. For some, it may be a status symbol whereas for others it’s a utility, an investment to make life much easier. This piece of advice is meant for the latter category and to be more specific, those looking to buy or rent a car for the benefit of their family. Whether you are looking for a car to carry out your day to day family errands or for holiday travel, the requirements remain the same.

Here’s how to choose the right family car.

Put special focus on its safety record

Before you rent out or buy a car, be sure to check out the reviews from other users. Has the car received maximum safety ratings? How did the car test out during the crash tests? Does the car offer extra protection for child occupants? Most of this information will be available online, at the dealership or the rental car agency and you can also get it directly from users who have been driving the car for an extended period. As a caution, avoid going for brand new cars that are yet to be fully tested by consumers.

Go for a tall or boxy shape

When choosing a car for your family whether for daily usage for a long holiday trip, space is key. Many inexperienced drivers will often get distracted by sporty shaped SUVs however, when looking for a car to serve the needs of your family, the taller and boxier it is, the better. Whereas this may not aesthetically appeal to many drivers, the experienced user will attest that with family in your car, you need space and lots of it. Cars that are tall and boxy will allow you lots of space to maximize on. They also allow you to enjoy your drive experience as they are comfortable and ensure an imposing driving position when on the road.

Ensure the car has flexible seats and storage

Depending on the size of your family as well as luggage you will be carrying, flexibility of the seats is key as this will also influence storage space. You need to ensure that the seats are first and foremost comfortable to limit the number of times you will have to stop for your family to have the much needed stretch. In addition to this, the rear seats need to be foldable so that they can be folded to create more storage room if you have plenty of luggage. In as much as most family cars will have roomie storage, when travelling with family, it’s definitely never enough.

The car’s additional features

As the person on the driver’s seat, you want as little distraction as possible from your family so that your eyes can be firmly peeled on the road. You therefore need to ensure that the car has extra features to ensure a comfortable ride. These may include a panoramic sun roof and a state of art entertainment system among others. This is down to your preference as an individual.

Do all these and we guarantee you an enjoyable family time while in the family car.

Travel – Here are 4 reasons you should rent a car

Are you planning a road trip any time soon? If so, then it’s time you started learning more about the rental car service. Whether you are planning to travel alone or with your family, renting a car offers a level of convenience that you may not get to enjoy in your own car for various reasons.

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons you should consider renting a car for your travel.

Renting guarantees you peace of mind

If you are planning a romantic getaway for you and your better half or a holiday with the family in a place you haven’t been before, the last thing you want distracting you are thoughts of getting your car damaged or stolen during the trip, especially if you hire a luxury vehicle from a place like This is where a rental car agency comes in handy. When you are driving a rental car, you will definitely not worry much about such eventualities because you will have some form of cover against potential calamities. This will in turn guarantee you peace of mind and an opportunity to fully enjoy your trip.

Renting will definitely save you time

When travelling, especially to a huge city, public transportation may end up being a menace and a reason for you and your family not to fully enjoy the trip. Switching from one public service vehicle to another or having to spend a lot of money on taxis or taking long walks to get to the nearest taxi station is time consuming and may dull your travel experience. However, with a rental car at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about all this. Your movements from place to place will be convenient and timely.

Renting will definitely save you money

Many people planning a long travel assume that they will save money when they opt for driving their own caras opposed to renting one. However, this may not be the case. Here’s why. When you do the simple math, you will realise that ultimately, the costs of driving your own car are much higher than those of renting a Mini Cooper in London. For instance, your car’s wear and tear costs following the long trip will go up, not to mention the fuel cost as well as the additional insurance cost for driving on foreign roads. However, with a rental car, all you have to worry about are the rental and fuel costs which are much lower in comparison.

Renting can enable you to travel in style

Let’s face it, not many of us can afford buying a luxury car, not in this lifetime. However, renting out one is definitely something you can afford to do if you save up for it. It can be a holiday treat for both yourself and your family and ensure you travel on holiday in style. When you visit a rental car agency, you will have access to an array of luxury cars that are well within your budget therefore adding an element of comfort, style and luxury to your travel.

From the points above, you can rightly conclude that renting will definitely make your holiday a more enjoyable experience.

4 qualities of a professional rental car agency

When in need of a car for one-off activities such as a cross country travel or a romantic getaway in a luxury car, then turning to a rental car agency is your best bet. This offers you the convenience and affordability without the extra baggage of car maintenance costs. However, getting a rental car agency is not as easy as just logging onto a website and booking a car, it’s important to first do your due diligence to ensure that you engage an agency that will offer you the best services.

So how can you know that a rental car agency is professional? Here are 4 qualities you should look out for.

Their rates should be affordable

If you are looking to rent out a car for the first time then you might probably not be aware of the standard rates that rental car agencies offer. It’s therefore wise to compare the rates offered by different car rental agencies in your vicinity, ensuring that it’s the exact type of car and service offering for the purposes of comparison accuracy. This will give you a rough idea whether the prices on offer are fair and realistic. A professional rental car agency should have prices that are within the market price range, neither too high nor too low.

The agency should provide for easy bookings

A professional rental car agency should be the epitome of convenience. This will be reflected in their ease of booking. As a potential client, you should have access to an interactive online reservation portal that allows you to view the features of the specific car you want and even make your payments. In this era of being on the go, their platforms should be mobile friendly allowing you to access them while on the go through your mobile devices such as phone or tablet.

The agency should offer a personal touch

Just like in any other service, a professional rental car agency is known by their ability to tailor their services to suit an individual client’s needs. After all, choosing a car is a very personal choice as it says plenty about your personality. As opposed to focusing on selling you on their services, the agency should focus on understanding your requirements then offering a personalised solution. At the end of the day, the car you drive off with must be the perfect car for your intended purposes.

You should have access to a variety of cars

A professional rental car agency should be able to offer you a variety of vehicle options to choose from based on the nature of your drive. Whether looking for a luxury car, a car to run your small errands, a car for the outback or a road trip, or a car for the family. The ability of the agency to provide solutions to your needs is a reflection of its level of professionalism.

We trust that this information has been helpful and the next time you are out looking for a rental car, you will do it like a pro.

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