4 cars to try out in 2018 for your family road trip

Are you saving up for a family road trip in 2018? Well, you had better start because you will need to dig a little bit deeper into your pocket to ensure your family gets the best travel experience.This article will focus on giving you pointers on some of the best family vehicles in the market in 2018 which you should definitely purpose to try out.

Without much ado, here are our top 4 recommendations.

The Nissan Qashqai

From its original release in 2007, the Nissan Qashqai has no doubt revolutionised family transportation thanks to the perfect blendbetween SUV styling and family-hatch practicality. The 2013 model, which is a newer generation of this crossover SUV has maintained its practicality, safety, excellent drive and most importantly an impressively affordable running cost. The car has ample capacity in the boot for luggage, and sufficient space in the rear seats to fit a pair of child seats with plenty of ease. With up to 110 horsepower anda 1.5-litre diesel engine under its hood,the Nissan Qashqai offers a great and affordable drive experience.

The Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq also makes it to the list of family cars you must try out in 2018. This seven-seater mid-sized SUV offers very ample space for both passenger and luggage making it a go to option for a family road trip. The car is very affordable compared to other models in its range yet still offering a feeling of class. In terms of its drive experience, the Skoda Kodiaq is very comfortable and quiet on the road therefore ensuring a perfectly relaxed family road trip. Ultimately, what makes it more attractive is that it will satisfy your craving for driving an SUV.

The Mercedes CLS

If you are looking to treat your family to a luxury road trip then the Mercedes CLS is the car you should try out in 2018. As a disclaimer, this is a car much suitable for a small family and for those family trips that will not require plenty of luggage. It’s a sleek four-seater coupe with a decent boot. Therefore, a car meant for a family looking to ooze desirability, style and sexiness. As always, the Mercedes CLS offers a perfect drive with safety, stability and drive technology a point of emphasis for the Mercedes brand. The car has very comfortable seats that will ensure both the driver and the passengers can endure a long drive with minimal stops along the way.

The BMW X7

The BMW X7 is for the person with a large family and wants to reward them with a luxury feeling while on the family road trip. This is flagship seven-seater SUV and will have the standard three rows of seats that can be folded to create extra luggage room in the rear. Just like its predecessor the X6, this car promises maximum safety, comfort, style and unmatched drive technology. This is definitely the car you want to use to make a bold statement, the epitome of luxury family travel. The BMW X7 will hit the market later in 2018 therefore you may offer your family an opportunity to be the first to try it out.

Enjoy the drive experience.